About Us



Brillantina s.r.o. was established in the Spring of 2014 in Slovakia. Brillantina s.r.o. activity is based on the valuable content of its brand (virasam), with the slogan Make the difference! We integrate research, development, designing, production and sales. Now with the provision of a complete product portfolio of high quality accessories of digital parts required by the market, it has entered the field of competition. Virasam is based on accurate and up-to-date evaluations. The users' point of view is one of the suppliers of various types of lithium batteries, powerbanks, charging cables, adapters, handsfree, mobile holders and etc.


We are trying to create a smart platform for distribution and sales network along with nationwide after-sales service in the whole country and neighboring countries, to create this market with two parallel business approaches in two parts: communication with business partners (B2B) and direct communication with Consumer (B2C) to achieve our goals. Our goal is to build community and use the potential and power of customers in line with the company's goals. Customer satisfaction will be achieved by being aware of how to use the products properly during its useful life. Virasam is constantly researching and developing in order to enter the new consumer markets of its various products and hopes to take more intelligent step in this market by offering high quality Products in different sectors and using modern technical knowledge.